...........HAIRY BUSINESS INC............


Located in Starke FL in the Tractor Supply Plaza on 301 south...We are a full Service Salon...Offering a low price of $8.00 Hair Cuts any Style for Men, Women and Children. We also Offer... PERMS...COLORS...HIGH-LITES...SHAMPOOING... DEEP CONDITIONING...WAXING...BLOW DRYING... STRAIGHTING...FLAT TOPS...FADES...  HIGH and TIGHT.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     OPEN 7 Days a Week...MON-TUE-THUR-FRI 8am to 7pm --- WED-SAT  9am to 6pm --- SUN  12pm to 4pm ..WALK-INS ARE WELCOME..NO WAITING..

       ...come in and sign up for a chance to win a FREE HAIR CUT or a DISCOUNT off COLORS and PERMS or a FREE EYE WAX or a BEARDED TRIM....


                        Hairy Business gives you a wide range of Stylist, Colorist and Educators with many years of Expirence and Education behind our Share's


              Those Women in Transition for a new look from long to short or that color to inhance your life style. Moveing past the classic Bob cut to achieve a softer,sultry look with volume and lift, reaching a higher leavel for your Desired  look. This fast pase life style for men requiring an easer style to work with. Hairy Business offers you a wide range of Style's to choose from. High an tight cuts, Flat Tops and many more Clipper cuts with many varations to choose from with a perfect blend from short to long. All our little client's, we give them the most in up to date style's, even the toughtest of little clients giving them and easer none  threatning visit and a great look. 




           TIP : When you'r going darker, you have to use semi-permanent color to make the possibility of going back to light as easy as possible.

In 1964 The Beatles cross the pond and spawn longer-hair trends.Inspired by the look and noticing a sea change in the way men style their hair,Peter coppola toys with the idea of offering the cut to his male clients but shelves the idea because it was illegal for men to get their hair cut in a beauty salon at the time.  In1972 Coppola butts heads  with the Barbers Union in an effort to fight the ban on men having their hair cut and styled in beauty salons. He and fellow hairdressers hire a lawyer, plead and win their case with the New York Supreme Court. The following day, The New York Times coins a new term for salons: UNISEX.